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This is the one you have been waiting for.  The last blog entry.  This one is a free for all.  Write about anything that you want, as long as it has something to do with communication technology.  If you can’t think of something to write then just tell us about your experience in this course as far as learning is concerned.  Is there any one thing that stands out in your mind as being especially important to know about?  Is there something that you thought we would cover that we didn’t cover?  You set the agenda and tell us something about tech. (Electronic books)




Electronic books, or better known as e-books, are one of the newest way technology is updating our lives. With the main accessibility being tablets and e-readers, these paperless books are taking control of how we read novels and textbooks. We have discussed this topic in class many times, and it is something I have taken an interest in. I am a student who decided to make the switch from traditional books to an electronic book.

I have an iPad, that I used originally to write notes on in class. Being an athlete that travels a lot, carrying both books and notebooks was a hassle.  We have argued both sides of this in class. There are many pros and cons about both types of reading. Reading on a traditional book is an experience that you cannot replicate. The feel of each page turning, and watching the pages dwindle and you get closer to the end of a novel. Many people even think the smell of the book has merit. With textbooks, you can highlights and write in the book (unless you are renting it) to help you study. Many students believe that this is a huge help.  But, traditional books also have their downsides. They take up more space. When traveling, you have to physically take each book with you, which drastically limits the amount of books you can bring on a trip. Electronic books make that easy. You can carry hundreds of possibilities on your tablet or e-readers.  They are light and can carry a lot of data. You can have your notes and textbooks on a small device. The downside to this, is that you don’t get the “experience” of a traditional book. 

For me, after weighing the pros and cons, traditional books didn’t outweigh the pros of electronic books. Many people do not agree with me, but when it comes to convenience when traveling, I am all about it. It will be interesting to see how technology will develop beyond tablets and e-readers when it comes to reading. Electronic books are becoming more and more popular.


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