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All right, we all have been inundated with social media stuff.  How long is this going to go on?  Is social media here to stay or will it be just a flash in the pan — like diskettes and laser disks?  Or is it here for the long haul?  How do you think it will be used in the future, or do you think it won’t be and something else will take its place?  In other words, give us your take on social media.  What do you think?




First it was AOL Instant Messaging, then it was Myspace, Facebook, and now Twitter and Instagram. These are only some of the social media sites that have developed over the past decade.  Social media allows us to share pictures, texts, interests and more throughout the world. Marketing teams have tapped into this technology to expand their audience, and even uses other technology to further personal advertisements.

Social media websites come and go in a flash. But, social media continuously booms. For better or worse, we are constantly connected to friends, family, and strangers twenty-four seven. Specific websites only seem to last some years before something better replaces it. Instant Messaging seemed to be the first step in this. When I was in middle school, personalizing your A.I.M. account was all the rave. This personalization continued and become more specific as social media expanded and became more popular. One can argue that games are a form of social media as well. Marketing uses the personal information from the sites to attract you to their products, targeting a specific audience. You can find the latest gossip with you friends, celebrities, and the world just off of these sites alone. Social media is not going anywhere anytime soon. I don’t see this as being just a flash in the pan. I have no doubt that it will evolve though. As the past decade has shown us, social media is constantly competitive. Sites try to trump other sites to become the most popular. I think this is going to continue. I don’t think Twitter will last forever, but some updated form of social media will develop from it. 

Social media is a great way to connect with the world. It allows us to see what happened to the kids we went to high school with, as well as, follow companies. It is a multipurpose tool that society not only has excepted, but has become attached too. Social media, like the internet in general, is something that the world couldn’t live without. People use social media numerous times a day. It is a popular advancement in technology, and it is here to stay. 



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