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The last assignment was about the mobile phone and its impact.  This one is about the Internet and its impact.  Unless you are really old, like me, the Internet has been around your entire life, so I won’t ask you if you recall life before the Internet.  I will ask you how you think the Internet changes your life.  That is, imagine life without the Internet.  What would that be like?  Think about how often you use the Internet and what you use it for.  A lot of stuff, huh?  Well, think about if you didn’t have it.  And think about people who DON’T have it.  How do you think their lives are in a world where everyone else has it?




The Internet is technology that has been the most influential in my life. It keeps the world connected, and it has shaped society to what it is today. I use it for everything. Whether it is for academics, social, or for useless knowledge, I get on it multiple times a day. I cannot imagine life without the Internet. It would effect the world is a way that is unimaginable. Businesses would be in an uproar, as well as personal lives. 

Could you imagine not having email or Blackboard while at UofL? No way to check grades, no way to contact professors outside of campus, no way to get assignments off the computer.  It not only would make things more difficult, but more stressful. As someone who has a job, this would make things extremely difficult. I work in Public Relations, where our main marketing is on the Internet. Not only would my job be borderline non-existent, but my bosses use email as a main source of communication to contact me and send me documents. In a fast-pace world like the one we live in, everything would slow down. The Internet is what allows us to move as fast as we do. Academically, I use the Internet for research and writing constantly. Whether its researching scholarly articles, or reading newspapers, I use the Internet for my information. Books are fine when it comes to researching past information, but for up-to-date information, nothing beats the internet. It also would complicate things on a social standpoint. Many of my friends who do not live in the United States, without the Internet, communication would be difficult. Regular Postal Mail, not only cost money, but takes a lot of time. Not to be dramatic, but if the Internet randomly stopped working today, the world would be at a standstill.

After going through how often I use the internet, it is slightly terrifying. How did we get so dependent on the Internet? I made the comparison that the world would be at a standstill, yes its dramatic, but it is sadly true. Business, universities, and people in general rely on the Internet to function in the way society demands it to. As a society we demand everything at an instant, slowing down seems like a foreign concept.


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