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For this entry you need not look up any web pages.  This one is about mobile phones.  The primary question is how do you think mobile telephones have changed the lives of users over the last several years?  Do you remember when you didn’t have a mobile phone?  OK, so when did you get your first mobile phone?  How old do you think kids should be before they get a phone?  You get the idea.  What I am looking for is a statement on the social impact of mobile phones.




Cell phones seem like such a staple in our lives nowadays. It is hard to believe that a short time ago, no one had cell phones. There is only a small percent of the population that does not have a cell phone. Businesses require the use of them, and social interaction seems to be nonexistent if you don’t use one. Whether if its connecting us to the Internet, or to each other, we are always using them.

I was fourteen when I got my first cell phone. I thought I was so old. About to go to high school, just got a cell phone, I was on top of the world. Of course, back then smart phones were non-existent. I had a Nokia that was the size of a brick. Some of my friends got cell phones around the same time as I did, which made the experience all the better. No longer calling people’s home phones, and having that dreading feeling when you knew your friend’s parents were going to pick up the phone. Back then, you either called your friends, or texted them. I did not have unlimited texting, so calling was my main source of communication at first. It is amazing how times have changed. Now, I see 5 year old with iPhones and tablets. I thought my dad’s car phone was big deal when I was that age, let alone getting an advanced piece of technology for myself. In my opinion, kids are getting cell phones way to early. The fact that I had to call my friend’s parent’s in order to talk to my friend, was terrifying, yet made me comfortable talking to adults. It required me to learn manners and memorize phones numbers. What on earth is a 5 year old kid texting their friends about? The age I got a cell phone I thought was an appropriate time to get a phone. Going to high school brings it own set of new responsibilities, and a cell phone is another right of passage.  

Instant contact 24/7 is the new trend that has taken over the world. My parents had pagers. There was no texting at the dinner table, or checking social media on our phones. Now, parents use cell phones to keep their children calm when they are waiting in a restaurant or in mass. There are a lot of bonuses to cell phones, if you are in an emergency, it is easy to call help. And it is nice to be able to contact friends throughout the day. But, the amount that we use them now is slightly outrageous. I just hope that mobile phones don’t control us more than they already do. 


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