Personal Impact of PCs

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For this one you do not have to read any articles. I want you to search your own memory banks and recount when you first discovered personal computers. How old were you? What were the circumstances? Who taught you to use one? And so on….. The idea is for you to think about PCs and how they have affected you and your life. 




Today’s world is completely run by electronics. It is hard to believe that not too long ago, this type of technology was just starting to exist and be used in everyday life. Kids these days are learning on iPads, and having a cell phone is basically second nature. If you don’t use this type of technology, you don’t survive. 

The first time I used a computer I was about 5 years old. It was one of the first Apple Computers. It was a small, chunky piece of technology, and I wasn’t even allowed to touch it. My dad rarely used it, it almost just sat in the corner and collected dust. IoIt wasn’t until I was about 7 when I started to use computers. My parents started to let my twin brother and use the computer (a “newer” computer) and we used it for games. We would put our games in the CDROM and play for only an hour or two. It became very addicting at a young age, and my parents always said that we were going to damage our heads if we stared at the screen for too long. My dad taught my brother and I how to turn on the computer and how to be able to use it in a basic way. He didn’t want us on the Internet, and we had dial up. You couldn’t use the Internet and the telephone at the same time. Everyone remembers that screeching noise the computer would make when you were trying to connect. By the age of 10, PCs because a daily use in my life. The older I got the longer I was allowed on the computer (we had this old chunky Dell for the longest time) and social media was on the rise. In middle school, AIM was the new trend, and social media began to bloom.  

It was tremendously affected my life. I started to only hear about things going on in the world and my friend group via the Internet. It almost became a ritual, when I got home from practice after school, I would get on the computer and Instant Message, it was the gateway to cell phones (which I didn’t get until I was 14). It amazes me how small social media was back then, yet how big of an impact it had on my life. PCs started to become a social lifeline. I laugh about it now, but still not much has changed, it only has gotten worse.


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