Movie Makeover

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Studios and exhibitors unveil digital cinema network

After reading the L.A. Times article above think about what this type of effect an innovation like this might have on the movie industry, or maybe even more relevant, on the movie theater industry.  Is digital delivery a good thing overall or will it create difficulties for some?  Think of this in terms of the enabling, limiting, motivating, and inhibiting factors that come up with this technology.




Movie theaters are the staple of American past-times. Being around for decades, technology with movies is constantly and drastically advancing. But what about the movie theater? Well, a huge step is coming into play, a digital and satellite delivery system to beam movies, promotional content, and live events directly into movie theaters. This has been long-overdue. A cost- efficient way to stream movies (etc.) inside theaters. 


The enabling factors include that many theaters have already installed digital projectors in their theaters. The move to satellite streaming has been a direction that many institutions have seen coming for awhile now. With the television industry being so reliant on digital satellite delivery to consumers, it was only time it hit the big screen.  It certainly acts as a motivating factor to apply this innovation. For one, it saves a substantial amount of money. Currently, movies theaters have to physically retrieve the hard-drives for these upcoming movies to show to the public. This not only is costly, but a huge waste of time. According to the article, 10 years ago it cost $2,500 to deliver the hard copies to theaters. With the innovation of digital delivery, it would cost around $50-$125. Time is money. The quicker you can show your audience the movie, the better. The less middle men you involve with the process of distribution to the theaters, the better. There are very few limiting, or inhibiting factors to the innovation of this technology being in movie theaters. It brings in technology that has been lacking in the movie industry for years. One difficulty that comes to mind is quality control. Satellite is not perfect, buffering and staling are the biggest concerns I have for digital delivery in the theater. When watching satellite television at home, buffering can make or break the experience. This would only be amplified in the movie theater. Consumers are paying for the big screen, perfection is not only expected, but required. 


The innovation of this technology being applied to the movie industry is going to have a huge impact the entire process. If done correctly, I think that this is a great move that producers are making to create an easier process of getting the movies to the audience. However, digital delivery can have its drawbacks. I look forward to seeing how the industry adapts to this huge makeover. 



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