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Bill would create royalty market for broadcaster payments to musicians


The link above discusses the issue of paying royalties to copyright holders of music. Read it carefully to make sure you understand the issue and then comment on whether you would be in favor of this type of law or against it. Would this be an inhibiting or enabling factor in the radio industry. We already have radio, of course, and probably always will. But what type of effect might this law have on other technologies. As you read this you need to take note at ASCAP and BMI are organizations that protect the copyright holder. They do not, however, protect the performer. Anyway, read and comment.




This FMRA (Free Market Royalty Act) will have many pros and cons to the radio industry. Which these changes musicians would be able to reject offers that they do not find to be acceptable, which will push to equalize bargaining power.

This is an enabling factor for many performers. They will get more of a direct payment for what is created and shared with the public. Radio broadcasters claim that this jeopardizes free over-the-air service (inhibiting factor). I think that this is a great step when it comes to performance royalties, but I do question the effect it will have on smaller independent companies. Without adequate offers from broadcasting moguls, would what they produce be heard by the public? Many independent companies are going to be left out, which is another inhibiting factor.

Performers need more protection in this industries, and this FMRA is working on protecting them. Technology is continuing to advance, and music is being streamed in more ways now than ever before. This Act will definitely effect it. I fear that the independent companies are not going to be represented to the best way possible. It will definitely be interesting to see how it develops if the Act is passed. 



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