Changing the Rules of Cell Phone Use in JCPS

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Jefferson County Public Schools and Cell Phone Usage

the Jefferson County Public Schools have a cell phone policy that has recently been changed.  Read the article above that deals with the changes in JCPS policy and determine what you think about it.  Is it good, bad, or doesn’t matter? Whatever your opinion make sure you have a reason for thinking as you do.



Technology is changing, as well as the world around it. Society has become more and more dependent on cell phones, tablets, computers, and the technologies of tomorrow. Is the education system in Jefferson County doing its best to prepare our kids for the world today, and for tomorrow? When I first saw that the article supported cell phone usage in schools I was shocked. After reading the piece, my views took a different stance. 

It can work, yet I have a lot of reservations. My original view when looking at the article was that it was a bad idea. Especially with social media being as popular as it is today, what was going to stop kids from constant socializing if they were ALLOWED to be on their cell phones during the school day? When I was in high school, not having your cell phone on your desk took away the temptation of surfing the web for the latest gossip, or texting friends. Once I read the article there were a few points made that made me second guess my opinion. If done correctly, with the right rules and regulations, it makes sense to let kids use smartphones in school. We are living in a world run by technology. Whether we like it or not, they are going to be a major part of our social, and professional lives. Kids in school are growing up in this age, and need to be prepared to use all the tools necessary to thrive in this world, and that includes smartphones. They are basically computers in your pocket, why not tap into that amazing piece of technology and use it in a productive way. For this to be successfully however, the teachers will need to be able to control the use of cell phones. With the temptation being at student’s fingertips, it can be very easy for this privilege to be abused, and even damage a student’s education. If there is a way to monitor the cell phone use, I would support cell phone use in public schools. With that being said, I do not know how that can be done. They mentioned in the article that they would have “instructional time” and “common time” where students have to use their phones for education, but will get free time too. I do not know how this will work when you have no way to tell what a student is doing with their phones at every point in the day, but in an ideal world this would be great. On another note, the fact that cell phone use in the classroom is taboo, it is almost more tempting to use your phone because it is forbidden. Making the cell phone no longer a secret may lower the feeling for students to abuse it. 

In my opinion, there are a lot of questions that need to be answered before the educational board should pass this rule. It definitely has potential and with the right protocol it could be successful. But, it can definitely backfire if not done appropriately. This is a digital world, and using the right tools can help our children be better prepared for it.


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